Chat soon.

You will receive a confirmation email requesting payment information within 24-48 hours to finalize your requested Macaron Club.

Club Starts February 2021.

If a Gift Recipient is listed, you will receive a cute Macaron Club Gift PDF stating the detail of the membership for you to email to your recipient.

If you do not receive any email 3 days post submission please email me directly.

You have 2 days to complete payment information once you receive that email. Otherwise your spot will be opened back up as available to purchase.


Are these macarons Gluten Free?

Short answer, No.

Most of the macarons are gluten free, however I do not have a gluten free kitchen so if you have a gluten allergy, my macarons are not for you. Safety is very important to me. Also, all ingredients are listed on each box, so allergies can be assessed. You are responsible for your allergies.

Can I pick specific months?

Short answer, No.

You can join the Monthly Club and cancel before the 15th, but when you cancel your membership cancels and your spot is available to anyone. So yes, you can chance cancelling and trying to snag a club spot each you wish month, or chance grabbing a Flash Sale pack, but that's up to you.

If you are in the 3 or 6 Month Club, you can not cancel specific months. Email if you will be unavailable for a month and we can HOLD your delivery for the following month then you will have 2 months delivered together, or you can switch the delivery address (once).

How does Delivery & Pick-Up work?

Delivery: If you are in a 20 mile radius of Westerville we will deliver your Monthly Macarons to your doorstep between the 1st-5th of each month. You will receive and email letting you know the day your delivery is expected. The macarons will be packaged safely for up to 2-4 hrs outside. Delivery is contact-less. We do not customize delivery days, but you will have advance notice of the day of your delivery.

Pick-Up: If you opt for Pick Up or it's required due to your location, you Monthly Macarons will be available in a contact-less pick up location in Westerville on the 1st of each month.

Travel/Vacation: Email me and we'll figure it out, no worries.

So if I don't get in a Macaron Club, can I order some macarons?

Short answer, No.

But each month there will be a very limited Flash Sale of the monthly dozen. They will be $35 and available to anyone, even Club members (they are not discounted for Club members). These go in order of request on Instagram, until sold out. No pre-orders, no early access, no discounts.

I am currently not taking custom orders outside of the Monthly Club.

What are the flavors for each month?

That's part of the surprise, and no one wants to ruin a surprise... but they will be beautiful, unique each month including the package design.

What if I'm allergic to an ingredient or don't like the flavor or the color or I'm just a hard person to please...???

Quick answer, the Macaron Club probably isn't for you.

This is for anyone who like tasty sweet macaron surprises every month, enjoys supporting local businesses and will gift a months flavor they may not LOVE to a friend that will love it and spread some love in this world.


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