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Macaron Club (Not Available)

If I'm not in Macaron Club, can I still purchase the monthly macarons?

Short answer, No. But each month there will be a very limited overstock of the monthly dozen. They will be $35 and available to anyone until sold out in the store. They will not be available for order.

What are the flavors for Macaron Club each month?

That's part of the surprise, and no one wants to ruin a surprise... but they will be beautiful, fun and unique each month including the package design.

What if I'm allergic to an ingredient or don't like the flavor, color or theme or I'm just a hard person to please...???

Quick answer, the Macaron Club probably isn't for you. This is for anyone who likes tasty and sweet macaron surprises every month, enjoys supporting local businesses, and will gift a months flavor they may not LOVE to a friend that will love it and spread some joy in this world.

What is the current Macaron Club DELIVERY ZONE?

See image below. If you are inside this zone, you are eligible for free delivery. If you are outside this zone you are eligible for pick up OR shipping if you live in Ohio.

When do Macaron Club orders ship?

They ship before the 10th of each month. An email is sent to all Club members prior to the 1st notifying them when Delivery & Shipping will take place for that month.


Are your macarons Gluten Free?

Short answer, No. Most of the macarons are gluten free, however I do not have a gluten free kitchen so if you have a gluten allergy, my macarons are not for you. Safety is very important to me. Also, all ingredients are listed on each box, so allergies can be assessed. You are responsible for your allergies.

Are you taking custom/event orders?

Not currently. I am working on launching new ideas and investing my time and enegy in that. Large orders do provide significant funding and I will assess opening them back up late summer/fall 2021.

Shipping/Pick Up

What if my macarons are broken when I receive them?

Broken or a few cracks? If they are all mostly broken please email me, with a photo attached so I can assess what happened, improve packaging as/if needed and resolve the issue. In extreme circumstances where the macarons are no longer edible due to the damage, refunds may be issued.

Why do you only ship to Ohio?

I run my business under Ohio Cottage Food Law and it does not allow me to ship outside Ohio. As my business grows & local shipping is tested for multiple months I will be assessing if taking steps to ship to outside Ohio makes sense for HC's future.

How long until I receive my order?

1-5 days to prepare order and 2-4 days to ship. USPS 2 Day shipping is used but in the current state of delays 2 days is normal but not guaranteed. You will receive tracking information once shipped.

Where & how do I Pick Up?

Pick up is in Westerville, OH near Uptown. You will be sent the exact address post your order. We will set up a day/time. Pick up is no contact, your order will be labeled in a cooler outside.