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Ohio Shipping Only. (Cottage Food Law Restriction)

Overview of packing method & supplies. Macarons are super fragile, but plastic is bad, it's a delicate balance.

  • Plastic individually sealed macaron bags

  • Bubble wrap around each macaron

  • Biodegradable ice pack (1 in winter, 2 in summer)

  • Small box to contain all listed above.

  • Bubble wrap around the small box

  • Packing kraft paper honeycomb for more cushion

  • Information sheets, display boxes, other items

  • Shipping box contains all the above

Macarons are very fragile, I pack them as such. If you receive a shipment and they are smashed/ruined please reach out, I want and need to know & rectify that you received inedible product. However they are fragile, if there is one crack, or a small defect I do hope you understand and I will NOT be offering refunds. I am attempting to provide shipping, however if a pattern of complaints emerge I will most likely just cancel the option of shipping all together. I feel it's best to be transparent.

I have tested buying macarons from large, medium and small businesses that provide shipping and each order had imperfections. However being a macaron baker it didn't cross my mind to complain. They were delicious, still beautiful and that's what I purchased.


Pick Up is at my home in Westerville, Ohio, near Uptown.
It is no contact, orders are labeled and placed in a cooler outside my home next to a large sign reading "Macarons".

My address will be sent to you once your order is processed.

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