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This is what keeps me up at night. My customer's happiness with my products is my number one priority. I bake because it brings me joy and I want to spread that happiness, it's that simple.

Please reach out if you have any concerns or questions that aren't covered in the FAQs.



Giving back to causes close to my heart is extremely important to me. I firmly believe it is critical to be an educated buyer, especially in today's socio-economical climate. Every dollar you spend is a vote in a direction you want this world to go. So I will be very clear on what HC cares about and the organizations I support:

As a small business the more sales the larger the impact I have and some months it may be a small impact, but I pledge to make one.


You safety is critical. For online payments I use Wix Payments & Wave payments. I will never ask in email/online/text/phone call for your financial information. Never send or share it unless you paying securely through the above verified services.

I will never ask for your credit card information directly. Period. Unfortunately on social platforms it has become too common for hackers to make fake accounts extremely similar, claim you have won gift and ask for your financial info. If you win a prize through HC you will not be asked for your financial information.

For pick ups at my home and they are no contact. aka: you won't meet me and please don;t knock, we won't answer. If you have a question, text/call me. This is also for my safety, I may know "you", but I do not know every customer. There is a cooler infront of my home with a Macaron sign, your order will be labeled and in the cooler ready for you to grab & go & enjoy.



- Credit / Debit Cards (thru Wix Payments & Wave)

- Cash

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